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The practice and study of medicine in Iran has a long and prolific history. In recent years, some experimental studies have indeed evaluated medieval Iranian medical remedies using modern scientific methods. These studies raised the possibility of revival of traditional treatments on the basis of evidence-based medicine.

With this history Iran is one of the most advanced medicine countries in the Middle East. Furthermore the prices are more reasonable in comparison with other countries. So the health tourism is going to improve in Iran more than before. That’s why we are ready to get patients medical records and get good consultant for them.

Chose the illness you wish to cure from the links below, and get necessary information about covering the services. For more information and better consultant to recognize the type of illness we will provide you a Medical team to contact before you starts your travel to Iran.

After recognizing what you exactly need, we will proceed to make an appointment with the specialized doctors. The next step is to packing an Itinerary (including visa, hotel, and any other thing you have in your mind for more convenient during your stay in Iran) for you and your likely participant. If you wish it’s possible to have a translator during your therapy period. We will do our best to Lessen your patients. We aim to get a good result after therapy period. In this case, after confirmation of doctors, you can try wellness tours, therapy tours and even cultural, ecological and pilgrim tours in Iran to improve your health care and enjoy your time at a same time.