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Iran is among the top 10 countries in treating cardiovascular diseases, while it ranks first in the Middle East,

announced the secretary of Iranian Atherosclerosis Society.

Iran Daily that Iranian specialists currently enjoy the highest scientific level in treating cardiac complications and

provide the best quality medical services in such malignancies while performing advanced heart surgeries

which even surpass global standards.

Based on statistics from one Iranian hospital, out of 25,000 angioplasties and heart pacemaker surgeries

conducted in the past 10 years, not a single surgery-related death was reported, he said. This is while at the

global level, there is an average of one death per 1,000 operations, he noted. "Almost all Iranian hospitals

have such brilliant record."

Given the rapid global advancement in treating cardiovascular diseases, it is very difficult for Iran to keep

pace with the competition but Iranian specialists are coping with the challenge successfully.

The quality of cardiovascular medical services provided in Iranian hospitals are so satisfactory that many

patients from neighboring countries, including Iraq and Azerbaijan, come here to benefit from superior services.

Iranian hospitals, even serve many patients from the US and Europe, many of whom are Iranian expatriates.

Although they have medical insurance in their country of residence, they have more trust in Iranian specialists.

"In addition to proper medical equipment, emotional relations between the doctor and patient play a beneficial

role in the treatment process,". "Iranian doctors usually establish good person-to-person links with their patients."

If appropriate and sufficient medical devices and facilities are available to Iranian specialists, they are capable

of performing the most sophisticated surgeries with the best results.

Although, such operations are carried out in neighboring countries, the quality of medical services in Iranian

hospitals makes them more appealing to foreign patients, he added.

The high rate of cardiovascular complications in Tehran to air pollution, stress, noise and environmental

pollution and heavy traffic.

Based on data, about 2,500 deaths were caused directly by air pollution in 2013, most of which resulted

from heart diseases.