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  • Stem cells constitute a group of human body’s cells with the ability to develop into any tissue type. They are responsible to repair and renew different tissues and organs. It is accepted that stem cell therapy has the potential to treat several diseases. Applying stem cells in both ways (therapy and research) has been considered in during past years throughout the world.

    In stem cell research area, many institutes, research centers, and departments in several universities are active in Iran . According to a joint study by Harvard university and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Iranian scientists are considered to be in the forefront of embryonic stem cell research. Iran stands after Sweden , Japan , the United States , Australia , Britain , India , South Korea , and Singapore in the world to produce, culture, and freeze hES cells.

    Royan institute supports many basic and therapeutic researches such as hES differentiation into various cell types (cardiomyocytes, beta cells, and neural cells),6.The institute is responsible for holding an annual scientific congress regarding stem cell science by inviting many national and international speakers in Tehran.

    Royan Institute

    Royan Institute is a public non-governmental non-profitable organization established in 1991 by the late Dr. Saeid Kazemi Ashtiani as a research institute for Reproductive Biomedicine and infertility treatments. In 1998 this institute was approved by Ministry of Health as Cell Based Research Center. Now this institute acts as leader of Stem Cell research and also one of the best clinics for infertility treatment. It has 46 scientific members and 186 lab technicians. Royan consists of three research institutes, each focused on different fields of research:

    • Royan Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Technology (RI-SCBT)

    • Royan Institute for Reproductive Biomedicine (RI-RB)

    • Royan Institute for Biotechnology (RI-B)