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Until forty decade of solar calendar, all fractures and dislocations and Bone and joint diseases were mostly treated by general surgeons. At late 40s orthopedic specialists came to Iran and.  Then orthopedic treatments changed to a regular treatment in Iran.

 Bone and joint diseases, fractures and dislocations were treated by these specialists. Orthopedic specialists treat patients suffering from bone, arthritis and spinal diseases. These diseases include fractures and dislocations, congenital and acquired paralysis, tendon and peripheral nerve repair, and treatment of bone tumors. Iran's orthopedic centers provide the following services:


  •  Spine surgery

  •  Shoulder and hand surgery

  •  Knee and hip replacement surgery

  •  Pediatric orthopedics

  •  Sports medicine

  •  Foot and ankle surgery

  •  Surgery for bone and soft tissue tumors